PewDiePie Just Dragged Logan Paul In The Most Hypocritical Video The World Has Ever Seen

3 January 2018, 12:41 | Updated: 3 January 2018, 13:09

PewDiePie calls out Logan Paul
PewDiePie calls out Logan Paul. Picture: YouTube

By Team Unicorns

When it comes to criticising YouTubers for making offensive videos, Felix needs to step aside

PewDiePie has weighed in on the Logan Paul controversy. For those who have missed this story, Logan Paul inexplicably decided to film a vlog inside an area of forest on the base of Mount Fuji in Japan which is known colloquially as 'the suicide forest'.

It is a very well known place and one that is clearly marked out. In other words, it is basically impossible to stumble into the forest by chance and if you do enter, you are effectively guaranteed to come across a deceased person.

Twitter user 'flavordays' had a fantastic thread about the forest that I recommend you read:

What did Logan do there?

Logan decided to film a vlog in this forest and even filmed a real suicide victim's body. His editor then also included an image of the deceased person, still hanging from a tree, in the thumbnail of the video.

How does Felix fit into this?

Following the massive backlash that this video generated, PewDiePie decided to weigh in and condemn Logan for his actions, in a video that soon rocketed up the trending page. The video is very critical of Logan, with Felix going as far as calling the vlogger a 'sociopath'. He condemns Logan for even entering the forest and for trying to pretend the video had some kind of moral or higher purpose outside of straight clickbait.

What's the problem with this?

Now comes the time when I tell you precisely the one thing that you do not want to hear and some of you will get mad and shout fake news or whatever: PewDiePie has no moral high ground from which to criticise Logan Paul.

I'm not saying that Felix be forever defined by his actions in 2017 - though let's note that were he a 'traditional' celebrity like a TV star, he absolutely would be - I'm saying that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Logan Paul filmed a dead body, PewDiePie made two people who don't speak English unfurl a banner that read 'death to all Jews'.

Are these two acts as bad as each other? Is one worse? It doesn't matter. One concept that seems to have escaped people, especially within this last year, is the simple idea that two bad things can exist at the same time; the existence of a 'worse' bad thing does not negate a 'lesser' bad thing.

PewDiePie should recognise that there is hypocrisy in attracting so much scandal himself - and being so very incredulous and angry about the backlash - and then turning around and being outraged at Logan.

Am I defending Logan Paul's video? No. Logan's actions were indefensible. He shouldn't have done filmed the video, edited it or uploaded it - and he should experiences heavy consequences because of his actions.

What I'm saying is that, of all people, Felix should not be jumping on this particular outrage. This is an instance where the biggest YouTuber in the world needs to step aside and let some other voices lead the discussion, at least until he has fully reckoned with his own controversial past.