PewDiePie Shared A Disgusting Demi Lovato Meme And The Internet DRAGGED Him

26 July 2018, 10:24

PewDiePie receives backlash after sharing Demi Lovato meme
PewDiePie receives backlash after sharing Demi Lovato meme. Picture: Instagram // Getty

By Josh Lee

PewDiePie has apologised after sharing a highly offensive meme about Demi Lovato's battle with addiction, and recent overdose.

On July 25th, reports emerged that Demi Lovato had been rushed to hospital after a drug overdose. While most of the YouTube community shared messages of support for the "Cool For The Summer" singer, PewDiePie thought it'd be fun to share a completely insensitive meme, mocking the star's illness.

PewDiePie's deleted meme about Demi Lovato
PewDiePie's deleted meme about Demi Lovato. Picture: Twitter

PewDiePie deleted the meme, but not before he caught some well-deserved heat from followers and fans of Demi. "Offensive humour for the sake of offensiveness isn't edgy, it's just lazy and destructive," fellow YouTuber Jimmy Wong said. YouTube fans echoed this sentiment, with one calling for Felix to be "cancelled."

Even some PewDiePie fans, called the YouTuber out, with one saying he'd "screwed up big time." Another said, "We let a lot slide when it comes to your jokes, but seriously? I'm not even a fan of Demi but that's not cool."

Eventually, PewDiePie apologised for sharing the meme, claiming that he "didn't mean anything by it and... didn't fully know about the situation."