PewDiePie outearns every other YouTuber by “millions” apparently

8 August 2019, 16:59 | Updated: 8 August 2019, 17:29

PewDiePie. Picture: YouTube: PewDiePie

By Rachel Finn

The other YouTubers on the list didn't even come close...

A new study has been released which estimates YouTuber’s earnings and you’re probably about to feel pretty poor… The study found that PewDiePie out-earned every other YouTuber in the list by millions, earning a potential $8 million from both advertising and merch sales each month, including more than $6.8 million from selling merchandise and more than $1.1 million in advertising, according to the study.

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The data was compiled by a tool called Sellfy, according to PR Week, which calls itself the “YouTube money calculator” and determines the minimum and maximum amount a channel can earn through advertising and merchandise.

PewDiePie’s estimated earnings came millions above many other popular YouTubers, including Jake Paul and Logan Paul who had estimated earnings of $1,506,533 and $988,131 respectively from advertising and merch sales.

Merchandise. Picture: Purple Moon / Sellfy
Advertising. Picture: Purple Moon / Sellfy

Sellfy explains on its website that it arrived at its merchandise figures by relying on data from thousands of YouTubers. "Your income estimates will be calculated based on YouTubers similar to you,” it says. “From there, we take the average product price across all our stores and using our previously calculated purchase likelihood, we calculate the range of potential income."

Meanwhile, Sellfy calculated each channel’s advertising revenue by using a CPM range, which is "how much an advertiser pays for 1,000 views of [its] ad." It used the most common CPM range of $0.25 to $4.

PewDiePie previously released a video where he talked out his earnings and net worth revealing that he was worth more than his often quoted net worth figure of $20 million dollars, so if this study is accurate, it looks like he's quite considerably richer than any of us thought.