PewDiePie just revealed his monthly earnings and it'll make you sweat

21 June 2019, 16:23

PewDiePie. Picture: YouTube: PewDiePie

By Staff

We have never felt so poor...

PewDiePie has revealed his monthly earnings in a new video and, well, you’re about to feel extremely poor.

The Swedish YouTuber - real name Felix Kjellberg - uploaded a video recently called ‘Looking At My Analytics’ where he looks himself up on various websites, including Google Trends and Social Blade to see what the internet is saying about him.

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Going through a series of webpages trying to figure out how much the YouTuber is worth, we gained some serious insight into just how wealthy PewDiePie actually is.

On one site, which puts his net worth at $20 million, he admits: “I’m sorry, but it’s a bit more!” Social Blade’s stats, which at the time of the video listed his estimated monthly earnings as £49.9K - £799.1k, is apparently correct.

“Yeah that’s about right. I used to complain so much when I saw these estimated monthly earnings like, that’s ridiculous, how could I possibly make that much money? And then clearly I have been very poorly monetising my channel, before I was only making four minute videos, you barely make any money on those,” he said.

He also touched on how being able to publicly see any YouTuber’s stats can get stressful. “Imagine you have a job and how well you are performing in that job is 100% public and 100% comparable to all your peers,” he explained. “Like there’s some deep psychological emotional stress that’s always lingering for a lot of YouTubers. Like eventually, it just hit me, I don’t care… like I don’t care how many subscribers I have.”

The video also revealed his videos have received an incredible 21.7 billion views to date.