Over 69,000 people sign petition to ban PewDiePie from YouTube

4 April 2019, 16:26

pewdiepie petition banned youtube
Picture: YouTube: PewDiePie

"One of the largest platforms for white supremacist content is PewDiePie's YouTube channel"

Over 69,000 people (at the time of writing) have signed a change.org petition to ban PewDiePie from YouTube.

Maria Ruiz started the petition on the basis that she believes Felix promotes extreme views. On the petition she writes:

"In the wake of the most recent mosque shooting I believe it is time to take action as a community and remove white supremacist content from our platforms.

One of the largest platforms for white supremacist content is PewDiePie's YouTube channel. PewDiePie has on many occasions proven once and again to promote and affiliate himself with white supremacist and Nazi ideologies.

Worst of all his channel is very much aimed toward children in their formative years. The New Zealand mosque shooter even mentioned PewDiePie by name and asked people to subscribe."

She goes on to list reasons why she believes PewDiePie should not be allowed on the platform, saying, quote:

"PewDiePie has in the past:

- used the N slur twice in two separate videos and has hired people to say the N slur

- he has promoted videos that contain Adolf Hitler speeches and anti-Semitic cartoons

- he paid Indian men on website Fiverr to hold up signs that say death to all jews

- he performed the nazi heil in one of his videos

- he used images of famous African-Americans (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Barack Obama) captioned with the wrong names

- he made a clip of a man dressed as Jesus holding a sign stating "hitler did absolutely nothing wrong"

- he makes rape jokes

- in his face-swapping video he repeatedly uses an image of actress Leslie Jones to represent Harambe, the gorilla killed in the Cincinnati zoo last year." 

pewdiepie change.org petition
The petition . Picture: Change.org

She concludes by saying:

"It's time to remove PewDiePie from YouTube permanently and develop AI to find and remove extremist material instead of having the SPLC do their work for them."

Felix has not commented on the petition, but many of his fans have commented on it to argue against its message.

A strange wrinkle is that in order to comment on the petition you have to sign it first, which seems like a counterintuitive move for his fans, but ah well. The petition has a goal of 75,000 signatures.

Felix recently conceded to T-Series in their ongoing battle to take the spot as the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world, even posting a rap song to congratulate the Indian company. However he then quickly retook the top spot, so the battle appears to be raging on.