PewDiePie thinks YouTube’s new hate speech policy is “bizarre”

10 June 2019, 15:21 | Updated: 10 June 2019, 15:52

PewDiePie. Picture: PewDiePie YouTube / Getty: Florian Gaertner

By Staff

PewDiePie has shared his thoughts on YouTube's new harassment policy in a new video.

PewDiePie has spoken out about the latest changes to YouTube’s hate policy and called them “bizarre”.

In case you need a recap, YouTube’s policies around hate speech and harassment caused a lot of debate last week after the company responded to an ongoing feud between journalist Carlos Maza and conservative YouTuber, saying that Crowder’s regular use of homophobic insults used against Maza on his channel did not count as harassment. YouTube later backtracked a little and, while they didn’t remove the videos, they later announced they would be de-monetising Crowder’s channel temporarily.

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The following day, YouTube also announced new plans to delete thousands of accounts after introducing a ban on supremacists, conspiracy theories and other accounts that promote hateful or harmful views. PewDiePie isn’t so sure however that the new changes will be quite as effective as YouTube hopes.

He stressed that he didn’t agree with Crowder’s harassment, but he did criticise Maza for claiming that YouTube didn’t care about its creators and only wanted clicks.

“Youtube does not want clicks. YouTube has a monopoly of clicks. YouTube wants to avoid at all costs a scandal which will make them lose advertisers, which is obviously what’s trying to be stirred up here,” he said.

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He also criticises YouTube’s new policy for falsely taking down content that actually isn’t harmful, giving the example of a history channel that was banned for featuring clips of Nazi speeches in its teaching material.

“YouTube has human people initiating the final strike… Do a better job. Delete hateful content by all means, but then make sure you know what hateful content is,” he explains. “I think what really matters here is the effect. It’s so bizarre to me that it’s not about what policies it is because the policies against bullying and harassment would take down way more than just this… As someone who has been attacked by the mainstream media, Steven is probably just going to benefit from all of this happening.”

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