There's A Wild Phil Lester Mistake In Siri That Will Seriously Crack You Up

1 November 2017, 10:49 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 15:23

phil lester siri

By Benedict Townsend

Real mature, guys

All right, fess up - who did this? Come on, you're not going to get in trouble, we just want to know who was responsible. No one is going to talk? Well it looks like we'll have to give all the readers on this website detention then, so you can think about what you've done.

If you have an Apple device with Siri on it, pick it up right now and ask "Siri, who is Phil Lester?"


This will happen...

phil lester siri


Have you spotted it?

Take a closer look:

phil lester siri

Oh Phandom, do you never sleep? There's no telling when this will be changed, if ever, so enjoy it while it lasts.