3 Times Dan And Phil Were On ACTUAL Television

11 January 2016, 11:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Before they were famous, they were famous.

The rise to YouTube fame isn't always easy and sometimes one has to really put themselves out there and be up for anything- including appearing on television in the most cringeworthy way possible.

Which leads us onto Dan and Phil. Did you know that the pair were on television a couple of times back in the day? Clearly eager for success and fame, Mr Phil Lester actually become pretty prolific for getting his face on the telly box and we have actual evidence.

Here's three times Dan and Phil slayed the TV game.

Phil on the Weakest Link

Phil Lester weakest link

Most of us will be familiar with this image and the Linda Lolz that follow it but it never gets old. Phil appeared on the UK version of The Weakest Link back in 2007 and rocked this rather epic emo hair look.



Dan and Phil jeremy kyle

Don't worry, the pair weren't battling over a stolen gold chain or finding out if they were a parent via a DNA test- they were actually just in the audience to watch.

Although this pic kinda threw us a little...

Dan and Phil Jeremy kyle


Phil in an actual advert

Did you know that Phil was on an ad for insurance company Confused.com? Back in 2009, Phil worked the camera like the little sass pot he is and this was the result. At the time, Phil had around 27,000 subscribers on YouTube which actually made him the 30th most popular star on the site. How times have changed...


Of course, Dan and Phil have been on TV a bunch of times since as they've become more and more successful but we loved taking a look down memory lane.