Pixiwoo's Sam Opens Up About Sister Nic's Multiple Sclerosis In New 'Outspoken Beauty' Podcast

29 June 2018, 17:16 | Updated: 4 July 2018, 17:15

Pixiwoo. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Sisters stick together

Beauty YouTuber Samantha Chapman has made a special appearance on the brilliant new 'Outspoken Beauty' podcast, covering topics from mental health to social media domination.

The popular YouTuber is best known as being one half of beauty YouTuber duo Pixiwoo, the other half being her sister and collaborator Nic - who bravely announced last year that she has been diagnosed with MS.

In the podcast, Sam explains how the pair have adapted their working schedule to support Nic since she was diagnosed - but uploading fewer videos has lead some people to believe the pair have fallen out.

Speaking to Nicola Bonn, Sam said; "People will say 'have you and Nic fallen out?' but she's my sister, of course not!"

"Nic has MS, she works from home, so I work from home now."

Sam goes on to touch on Nic's initial reaction to the diagnosis, admitting she thought it was "the end of the world", but is now on a very important mission....

Listen to Pixiwoo's Sam Chapman on 'Outspoken Beauty' here.