7 Places Joe And Caspar NEED To Go Next

23 November 2015, 17:34 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

1. The US of A

Oh say can you see, two YouTubers being pals? What good J+C fan wouldn't want to see these cheeky chappies livin' it up in the land of the free? They could see all the sights: President House, Statue Lady, Big Red Bridge and the birthplace of popular actress Sandra Bullock: Arlington County, Virginia.


j c america


2. South America

Kangaroos, koalas, throwin' another shrimp on the barbie. Yes, Australia is a place that has many famous features. But let's remember - South America is also a place. A place where there are probably also things that the lads can look at and/or interact with. So, in the words of every single Instagram comment ever: "COME TO BRAZIL!"


j and c machu


3. 'Stralia

We got you before, didn't we? You thought we were saying that the guys should go Down Under - AS IF! Australia is the worst! And by the worst, we of course mean the best. Yes, there's no doubt that J-Dog and Cazzamatz could find enough amazing things to do in Australia to fill the whole Outback. They could go surfing, go to Block Arcade or just stay inside and watch TV, but in like an Australian way.


j and c australia


4. Terebithia

A trip to a magical land? No, this journey will be something so much deeper than that. It will be an unexpected story about loss of innocence and the tragically delicate nature of childhood. Make sure you have tissues ready, because this emotional story will teach you lessons not just about life, but about yourself. Basically Joe will be eaten by a crocodile and it will be hella sad.


terebithia j c_edited-1

Disclaimer: despite it's photorealism, the image above has in fact been created using photo editing software. You may look at it and say 'hey, but that's a real, actual photograph of them in Terebithia right there!' But honestly, it's just flawless, flawless photoshopping.


5. China

China, The Sunshine State, is the perfect place for the guys to explore. There is a wealth of culture that most of us here in The West sadly just don't know enough about. Jo-Jo and Kasbah could be our charming guides into a new world of wonder and excitement. Then Joe will get eaten by a crocodile and it will be hella sad.


j c china_


6. Space

J-Lo and Prince Caspian would be the most entertaining astronauts we can think of. Their friendship, cheeky attitude and utter lack of astronaut training would provide us with hours of footage of loveable hijinx. The trip would be somewhat expensive, but judging by the power of internet crowdfunding and the power of YouTube fandom, it would be probably be financed in minutes.




7. Pyongyang, North Korea

Let's face it: the only thing that's missing from Joe and Caspar Hit The Road is deadly, deadly danger. By inserting J-Dizzle and Cress into this notoriously secretive state, perhaps we could begin to form a bridge between our cultures and engage in a new era of global peace. Or maybe Joe will get eaten by a crocodile, we just don't know.

joe and caspar korea