Who Is Poppy Deyes? Here's The Low Down On Alfie's Blogger Sister

16 February 2017, 10:30 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:46

poppy deyes

By Lucy Hutchon

Because she's more than just Alfie's big sis!

Poppy Deyes is the sister of Alfie Deyes (aka Pointlessblog) and has been a regular 'guest' on his, Zoe's and Sean's channels for a long time now. She has a huge following of over 1.4 million people on her social media platforms and her blog. Not clued up on who she is yet? Here's everything you need to know about Poppy Deyes.


Poppy was born in May 1991, and her real name is Emma Poppy Deyes.


She went to Kingston University to study Fine Art

She received a first class degree (like a boss).

Poppy Deyes


Poppy Deyes signed with Gleam Futures in 2016.

Because of Poppy's growing popularity and her release of her blog, Gleam snapped her up knowing that she was the hot new talent.



Poppy is in a relationship with Sean Elliott O'Connor.

Poppy and Sean met in college and have been together for a few years, Sean has practically become part of the furniture at Poppy's parent's house.


Poppy's favourite item to wear is anything with stripes.

If you ever see Poppy out and about you will more than likely see her in a striped shirt, jeans and trainers , they're her favourite combo - and don't forget the signature red lip!



She moved back to Brighton from London because she missed her family.

Poppy is close to all of her family, especially her brother Alfie. Sibling goals!


Her blog is full of travel, food and lifestyle

Poppy uses a Canon 70D to take her photos and she's a pro at editing.


Poppy has over 1.4 millions followers on social media and a successful blog of her own. She also frequently stars on her brother's YouTube channel PointlessBlog.


Need more of Poppy to Brighton your Deyes? (See what we did there!) follow her on social and go check out her blog.