The Lawsuit Against Poppy Has Been Settled

18 September 2018, 10:36

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Picture: Instagram: Poppy
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Mars Argo had brought a lawsuit against Poppy and her manager Titanic Sinclair

The lawsuit that was brought against Poppy and her manager Titanic Sinclair by singer Mars Argo has been dismissed by a judge.

Judge Manuel L Real dismissed the case against Poppy and Titanic - real names Moriah Pereira and Corey Mixter, respectively on the grounds that the case had been settled. (Poppy) raised by Brittany Sheets (Mars Argo) earlier this year.

The lawyer representing Mars Argo (real name Brittany Sheets) notified the court that everyone involved had reached a “settlement in principle.”

Judge Real wrote on Sept. 14 that: “The court having been advised by the counsel for the parties that the above-entitled action has been settled; it is therefore ordered that this action is hereby dismissed without costs and without prejudice to the right."

What was the lawsuit about?

Mars Argo had been suing Titanic Sinclair for alleged 'severe emotional and psychological abuse'.

She also accused Poppy of stealing the Poppy persona from her, saying that Mixter (Titanic Sinclair) “calculatedly transformed another woman, Moriah Rose Pereira — known by the stage name ‘ThatPoppy’ or ‘Poppy’ or ‘I’m Poppy’ (collectively, ‘Poppy’) — into a Mars Argo knockoff.” The suit named a number of things that the pair supposedly took from 'Mars Argo', including “a specific platinum blonde” and "Mars Argo’s distinctive speaking voice."

You can read more about the case here and we also covered the story in detail on our weekly video news show YouTuber News:

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