Poppy Just Responded To The Abuse Claims Against Titanic Sinclair

8 May 2018, 12:19 | Updated: 8 May 2018, 12:25

Titanic Sinclair, Poppy and Mars Argo
Titanic Sinclair, Poppy and Mars Argo. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

Titanic Sinclair's former collaborator, Mars Argo, has accused him of domestic violence.

Actress, YouTuber and musician Poppy - also known as Moriah Rose Pereira - has responded to claims that her artistic collaborator Titanic Sinclair abused and harassed his former collaborator, Mars Argo.

On April 17, Mars Argo, an actress who created a character similar to Poppy with Titanic Sinclair prior to his work with Moriah, accused Sinclair of "severe emotional and psychological abuse" during the course of their professional and romantic relationship. She also accused Sinclair of harassing her after they broke up, and of "physically assaulting" her both during and after their relationship.

Poppy's response to Titanic Sinclair abuse claims

In a statement shared on Twitter, Poppy publicly backed Titanic Sinclair, describing him as "blameless," and accused Mars of working with a man who she says "took advantage" of her when she was "young and vulnerable."

Read Poppy's full statement below:

"My creative collaborator, Corey Mixter [Titanic Sinclair's real name], and I were surprised to learn on TMZ that Brittany Sheets, who performs under the name Mars Argo, filed a lawsuit to discuss her accusations of copyright infringement and domestic violence, all of which are false. It would appear Ms. Sheets was intent on building a publicity campaign around her filing of a complaint and was not interested in our lawyers first having a serious discussion about the merits of her claims.

It has been very painful to read the lawsuit Ms/ Sheets filed, and to see the word "abuser" and my own name in the same sentence. Something very few people know is that on of the reasons I work the way I work, and why I have made such efforts to conceal my identity, is because I have my own history as a survivor of abuse. This legally documented traumqa from my past is something I never wanted to make public, because I did not want to relive it. Ms. Sheet's publicity campaign has made that impossible.

I have known Ms/ Sheets for years and she is well aware of the anguish I went through, In an attempt to manipulate my psychologically, Ms. Sheets is now collaborating and maintaining an ongoing relationship with the exact man who took advantage of me when I was young and vulnerable, while at the same time naming me in a lawsuit with allegations of domestic abuse. It is shameful that Ms. Sheets would try to exploit another female artist in this way for personal gain, out of nothing more than bitterness and a desperate grab for fame.

Ms. Sheets' claims of stalking, harassment and abuse directed at Mr. Mixter are preposterous projections of her own actions. My creative partner is blameless, and I am confident this case will be dismissed.

I look forward to the coming days when I can speak in greater detail about my personal journey, one Ms. Sheets is well aware of.

We appreciate the fans who have stood by us, This is a matter that will be handles swiftly. We will carry on with our plans to release our art, and we will not let this frivolous lawsuit distract us.

The truth will set you free."

Titanic has not yet responded to Mars' accusations.