PSA: The Dads Of Vine Need More Love

13 January 2016, 12:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Dads run the MFing show on Vine!

If my dad went on the Internet and started making six second videos of himself pratting around, I would be beyond embarrassed. However, when it's other people's dads... suddenly it's comedy gold.

So say goodbye to your weird YouTube dads, and wave farewell to your own biological father as we spread a little bit of well deserved love towards the Dads absolutely slaying the parenting game on Vine!


EhBee. [2.8m followers / 1.8b loops]

Not just a Vine-ing dad, but a Vine-ing family! EhBee have become an iconic broadcasting channel based on their wholesome and genius family take on current trends and popular music. They've even been making Vines long enough to see their children grow up as well - which is freaking adorable.


Jason Nash. [2.2m followers / 1.3b loops]

Strictly speaking, Jason isn't as much of a 'dad' as some of the other gentlemen on this list. However, what Jason does embody is the true essence of the 'dad joke' - a comedic style we literally cannot get enough of. We secretly want him to adopt Brandon Calvillo as well...


Arthur. [980k followers / 333m loops]

Not only is Arthur the most inspirational and honest dad on Vine, he's also mastered the art of British humour. His Vines are so NSFHD (Not Safe For His Daughter) that the sheer hilarity of what he does around her is side-splittingly funny. It helps that Aubrey is child goals.


Brittlestar. [650k followers / 245m loops]

In the Vine above, Brittlestar demonstrates the number one fear for all parents - finding a Nickelback album amongst your child's possessions. His Vines all document the relatable side of being a parent by ripping apart traditional ideas about raising and caring for little sprongs, with the Number 1 fear being a Nickelback fan. *shudders*


Josh Darnit. [2.6m followers / 1.4b loops]

Easily the best father/son relationship on the Internet. Josh Darnit and EvanIncredible have shot to Vine fame with their series of ridiculously funny and inappropriate videos that give us a peak into the lifestyle of this crazy family. We officially want all our children to be like Evan. Teach us your ways Josh!!


KingDaddy. [667k followers / 159m loops]

KingDaddy's vines often show him spoiling things for his son such as Mall Santa's with the simple and perfect childlike reaction of 'whaaaat?!'. They work together fantastically and clearly have a strong comedic bond - which y'know, is waaaay better than a biological one. For sure.


BottleRocket. [580k followers / 378m loops]

This Vine single-handedly sums up the approach we want to take to parenting - a cut-throat attitude to dating based off sassy Kelis songs. 100% slaying the parenting game there Bottle! We absolutely adore your work. Even if we do feel a little bit sorry for your kids...


If you want to see all these awesome dad's slaying the parenting game, look no further than this awesome compilation video!