These Are The 10 Most Popular YouTubers Of 2017 According To We The Unicorns Readers

19 December 2017, 13:12 | Updated: 19 December 2017, 13:16

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By Josh Lee

There are some surprises!

Over the 12 months, almost 15 million of you have caught up with your fave YouTubers on

We've been crunching the numbers to work out exactly who has been the most popular YouTuber over this year, taking into account how news stories and quizzes featuring specific YouTubers have performed. Bear in mind, popularity is neither negative or positive in this - it's just how much attention each YouTuber manages to attract. Are you ready for the top 10? Some may surprise you!

10. Thomas Sanders

9. Markiplier

8. PewDiePie

7. Lilly Singh

6. Elijah Daniel

5. Jake Paul

4. Pentatonix

3. Zoella

2. Jeffree Star

1. Daniel Howell

Was your fave included on the list?