RECOMMENDED: Melanie Murphy Will Give Your Subscription Box The Irish Awesomeness It Needs

17 March 2016, 17:49 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

It's always a good time to have a little more Ireland in your life; and there are few better representatives on YouTube than Melanie!

At We The Unicorns, we're always trying to keep a seasoned eye on creators we think you'll love - if you don't already. And in honour of St. Patrick's Day, our attention turns towards the Emerald Isle.


If you aren't already aware of Ireland-based beauty guru, lifestyle vlogger and all-rounder Melanie Murphy, then you have a LOT to catch up on. But not to worry; instead of boring you with a list of facts, we've compiled just a few reasons in video form as to why Melanie's channel is an essential addition to your subscriptions.


Beauty & Self-Confidence

Melanie's breakthrough moment was in 2013 with this tutorial for covering up severe acne. Her use of makeup to boost her own self-confidence resonated with over 15 million people, and has resulted in her growing her channel steadily since, as well as working with sites like BuzzFeed to promote the empowerment of makeup.


Mental Health

Also dealing with anxiety, Melanie isn't afraid to use her platform to spread awareness and empower members of her audience who also struggle with their mental health. One of her most recent uploads shows her offering advice and experience for those with anxiety.


Body Confidence

As well as anxiety, Melanie has also previously struggled with an eating disorder. Now in recovery, she has become an advocate for being comfortable in your own skin, again sharing her experiences for those who could benefit from them.


Sex Positivity

Not just aiming to inspire, Melanie also uses her channel to educate on taboo subjects, often skimmed over in school, specifically sex education. Often collabing with other YouTubers such as fellow Irish vlogger Riyadh K, Melanie isn't afraid to get right into the ins-and-outs (as it were).


LGBTQ+ Issues

Openly bisexual, Melanie has also started many a conversation on the issues and rights surrounding being a member of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Always careful to be inclusive in her discussions, Melanie has inspired many of her young audience to embrace not only their own sexualities, but to accept a wider range of identities.



When it comes to other YouTubers, Melanie is everywhere! Not only is she a serial collaborator on YouTube, but if you follow her Twitter it's easy to see how well she gets on with everyone else in the YouTube community.