Saccone Jolys Explain Their Choice Of Baby Name After Online Backlash

28 August 2018, 15:30

saccone joly new baby name explained andrea
Picture: YouTube: Saccone Joly Family
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The family aren't here for you nonsense

Following backlash over the name of their fourth child, the Saccone Joly’s have finally revealed the reason why they named their new baby boy Andrea. After many people took to Twitter in anger over the child having a ‘girls’ name, Jonathan revealed in a recent vlog, titled: ’TRUTH BEHIND OUR BABY’S NAME!”, the story behind each of the children’s names and confirmed that they “decided to name him after Anna’s first cousin”.

The naming of Andrea follows a SacconeJoly tradition of naming the children after someone, Emilia being after the couples wedding planner and Eduardo, after Anna’s late father. Jonathan also revealed that Andrea’s middle name, Luca, was just a name which the pair liked and was actually what their child who was sadly lost was going to be called if it were to be a boy. Andrea is set to meet his namesake next month as Jonathan and Anna take him out to Anna’s older brothers wedding and claims that: “Andrea will get to hold Andrea”. Following the video, people came out in support for the couple and were happy to know that baby Squid, who was sadly lost in Anna’s miscarriage, was given the name Giulietta.