This School Banned Kids From Dressing As YouTubers For "Job Day" And It's Shady AF

17 January 2018, 10:56

Zoella vlogging
Zoella vlogging. Picture: Zoella

By Josh Lee

Durrington Junior School said kids should think of a "Plan B" career for their "My World Of Work Day"

A British school has been criticised after banning their students from dressing as YouTubers for a special "My World of Work Day."

Durrington Junior School sent out an invitation for students to come dressed as themselves "in a job they would like to do in the future," on January 18th. But despite encouraging students "to use their imagination and think about a few props that will help express their ambitions for the future," it looks as though not every ambition is welcome on the day.

"We know that some children would love to be professional sports people or pop stars or famous YouTubers in the future," the note went on to say. "These are great ambitions but so hard to achieve! Because of this, on this occasion we're not allowing these dress-up choices."

The school added that students should "think of their 'Plan B' choices for future jobs" instead.

The note quickly went viral on Twitter

The school's stance divided opinion on Twitter with some agreeing that it's sensible to focus on more realistic careers, while others said kids should be able to aim for the stars while they're still young.

Olympic athlete Jack Green said parents should "ignore it and let your children aspire to be whatever they want to be," while professional rugby player Sam Egerton said, "Encouraging a 'plan B' is a very responsible thing to do for children," because "not everyone makes it."

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