WATCH: Shane Dawson SAVAGELY Mock Celebrities

12 May 2016, 10:08 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Honestly, Shane is the King of the Drag.

For the last six years, Shane Dawson has been tearing celebrities a new one with his innovative and PAINFULLY funny parody music videos. In fact, his videos are so well-received by the general public that they've easily become the most popular videos on his YouTube channel, and we totally understand why. From tearing down Avril Lavigne and her (as Shane calls it) "racist" Hello Kitty video to recreating Lady Gaga's Telephone into a "Dude's Version", Shane is the king of roasting and we genuinely hope he never stops slaying.

And if watching Shane take on celebrities isn't quite your cup of tea, then check out one of his most popular videos where he drags the hell out of not only one YouTuber... but ALL of them! It looks like Shane doesn't have an un-savage bone in his body.


If there's any celebrity in the world need of a good roasting, it had to Miley Cyrus. So thank god for Mr Dawson and this spot on tribute to the blonde goddess herself.


Want to see Shane and Joey Graceffa take the p*ss out of Selena Gomez and her sex tape?! Look no further than this Birthday parody where we get to see some more of his infamous Miley Cyrus character too.


This parody comes to you all the way from 2010! With 11 million views, Shane in some broken 3D glasses and an insight into what happens at an all-boys sleepover, this music video changed the game. There's also cameos from Tay Zonday and Olga Kay, so y'know, this music video parody of Lady Gaga's Telephone is a freaking spectacle.


Surely Katy Perry is too innocent to be parodied by YouTube's most ridiculous comedian?! You're right she is - and instead it's Shane's Aunt Hilda doing the joking about. Oh, she's also a murderer. That's a new development for her character... is this video canonical?!


Ah Taylor Swift; Internet Princess and seemingly everybody's best friend. So what does he do to her in this video? Well there's a burning voodoo doll and chloroform poisoning. Yup.


Okay, this one is my favourite parodies of anything ever of all time. Not only are the lyrics about Avril finally realising she's 30 years old, but it also addresses the terrible attempt at dubstep music in the original song plus Avril's decision to randomly eat sushi in the middle of her video?! I mean, if it wasn't for Shane Dawson, this video would need parodying anyway.


And lastly, you've seen Shane take the p*ss out of musicians - so the most natural step is politicians, surely?! Below is a truly savage takedown of Sarah Palin from back in 2009. It's also from the era when he would wear waistcoats in every single video, so holla at us if you get smacked in the face with that crazy nostalgia.