"I Am Not A F*cking Pedophile" - Shane Dawson Posts Video Response To Bizarre Rumours

11 January 2018, 11:28

Shane Dawson respond to pedophilia accusations
Shane Dawson respond to pedophilia accusations. Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend


In the video, a visibly angry Shane fully rejects the random claims that have suddenly appeared which allege that a serious of dark jokes Shane made a few years ago are 'proof' that he is a pedophile.

He starts his video by apologising for his past comments:

"I am sorry that I used to make really sh*tty f*cking jokes. I am sorry that I was so insecure, playing this character of this guy who will say ANYTHING and tries to make people laugh by shocking them. That was my thing on YouTube... Back in the day, that was my thing. I loved the feeling of making somebody feel shocked... I was confident enough to make smarter jokes, I was making the easy jokes... I was doing some f*cked up comedy stuff that I am not proud of."

He emphasises:

"That stuff I was saying, I would never say now."

He tackles the 'proof'

Shane addresses the various elements of 'proof', some of which was shown in a now deleted video. Shane debunks the various forms of 'proof', which seem to range from dark jokes and quotes taken out of context, to laughable claims like the fact his adult boyfriend has a 'young' looking face.

You can see his full video here: