Shane Dawson Blasts Twitter For Creating Pedophilia Conspiracy "Twitter Moment"

11 January 2018, 12:37 | Updated: 12 January 2018, 09:03

Shane Dawson blasts Twitter
Shane Dawson blasts Twitter. Picture: Shane Dawson // Twitter

By Josh Lee

The conspiracy was debunked before the Moment was created.

Shane Dawson has called out Twitter after the site created a 'Twitter Moment' of reactions to a debunked conspiracy theory that accused him of being a Pedophile.

On January 10, a verified YouTube channel known as PopBlast shared a montage of audio clips from an episode of Shane's podcast that were manipulated to make it appear as though Shane was offering a sincere justification for Pedophilia. The conspiracy was quickly debunked, but not before the accusations went viral on Twitter. Twitter went on to create a curated list of tweets about the subject (known as a Twitter moment), entitled "People Are Accusing Shane Dawson Of Pedophilia." The moment was created at around midnight UK time - well over an hour after we unearthed extra footage debunking the theory.

"How about shining light on actual pedophiles instead of jokes taken out of context from years ago that were edited and manipulated?" Shane said in a tweet directed at Twitter, before saying he was "leaving the internet for the day" in response to the Twitter moment.

Shortly after Shane called them out, Twitter renamed their moment to "Shane Dawson denies pedophilia accusations"

The moment contains several tweets responding to the comments he made in the PodCast, and one tweet explaining the full context of the comments.

Check out the full Twitter moment here.