Shane Dawson Just Called Out An Entitled Fan Who Threatened To Unsubscribe

11 June 2018, 12:37 | Updated: 11 June 2018, 17:02

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson. Picture: Valerie Macon / Stringer

By Josh Lee

"I hate these kind of tweets"

Shane Dawson has called out a fan who threatened to unsubscribe after accusing him of "slacking."

In a deleted tweet, a fan said they were thinking of unsubscribing, claiming that Shane has been "slacking lately."

"I understand it takes time to record and edit stuff, but filming a video with your friends, and coming up with research or ideas doesn't seem like a lot of work," the fan wrote.

Shane quickly clapped back at the fan, explaining that he'd just posted a 45 minute long conspiracy video. "U [sic] don't understand how long that takes and how i literally don't have a life anymore," Shane responded. He continued, "I hate these kind of tweets. Why don't people get how much work editing is?"

Fellow creators also came to Shane's defence

"Ignore them Shane, they're just bitter and expect way too much from you," Manny MUA tweeted. Hoodie Allen added, "U [sic] have a whole community that literally looks to u as a guide for success on the platform"

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