Shane Dawson's Chuck E Cheese conspiracy theory has been turned into a meme

12 February 2019, 14:15 | Updated: 12 February 2019, 14:28

Shane Dawson Investigating Conspiracies Chuck E Cheese Pizza
Picture: Shane Dawson

By Woodrow Whyte

There's a theory that Chuck E. Cheese take old, uneaten pizza slices and re-use them to assemble a "new" pizza and the internet is NOT here for it.

Shane Dawson released the much-anticipated second instalment of his latest Investigating Conspiracies series and one theory has everyone throwing up inside their own mouths. We're not joking, it's fucking gross.

Investigated Conspiracies part two was uploaded last night (Feb 11) and saw Shane and co. investigate several more theories and featured Tana Mongeau's song 'Fuck Up' soundtracking the closing montage (lol). But the theory about Chuck E. Cheese pizzas has shook the internet to its very core.

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In case you don't live in America, Chuck E Cheese is a pizza chain in America that is particularly popular with young kids. In his video, Shane introduces a theory that alleges that Chuck E Cheese take old, uneaten pizza slices and re-use them to assemble a "new" pizza. So, instead of a fresh pizza, new customers are in fact getting a jigsaw puzzle of old pizza slices. Ewww.

Why do people think this? Well, instead of their pizzas being a normal circle shape, the slices are different sizes that don't fit together. Shane heads to a Chuck E. Cheese to test this out and both pizzas he orders are both misshapen. Shane doesn't explicitly accuse Chuck E. Cheese of re-using old food but the mystery around why the slices are different sizes is left unexplained.

Needless to say, the internet is disgusted that they might have eaten old pizza.

Turns out, there might be a more plausible explanation behind this theory.

Chuck E Cheese are yet to respond to the theories. Can't wait to see what they make of this!