Here's what Shane's new 'Conspiracy Series' is about

21 January 2019, 12:08

shane dawson conspiracy series
Picture: YouTube: Shane Dawson
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

We cannot wait for this

Shane Dawson has teased a new video series and fans are beyond excited.

'Conspiracy Series' is a two-part series which will cover... something. It's not actually clear just yet, but fans are already starting to piece together some clues. Take a look at the trailer and then we'll dive into what the series is probably about.

The show even has its own bespoke opening titles

What is the series about?

The tagline of the series is 'Don't Believe Everything You See'. When you combine this with certain bits of footage from the trailer and from the credits for some of the footage in the description ("Fake App Donald Trump Video", "Fake App Selena Gomez Actress"), a clear pattern starts to appear.

It seems certain that the series will in some way focus on using technology to obscure your identity - an issue that is commonly referred to as 'deep faking'.

'Deeps fakes' are digital recreations of people's faces that can sometimes be almost entirely indistinguishable from real videos, making crimes like identity theft and fraud easier than ever before - and even more dangerous.

However, there are all kinds of other intriguing elements in the trailer - including a focus on McDonalds. So perhaps we will be seeing more than one conspiracy covered in the two-parter, or even some kind of much larger, illuminati style conspiracy.

Naturally, fans and fellow creators are shook

We'll just have to wait and see what the series is all about, when it drops on the 30th of January. We can't wait!

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