Shane Dawson's Jake Paul Documentary Is Being Called Out For The Way It Handles Mental Health

28 September 2018, 11:31

jake paul shane dawson documentary mental health
Picture: YouTube: Shane Dawson
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Some viewers felt the episode missed the mark

Shane Dawson released part 2 of his uber popular documentary series, 'The Mind Of Jake Paul' yesterday, and not everyone is loving it.

In part 2, Shane doubles down on the idea raised in part 1 that Jake Paul (and possibly Logan Paul too) may be a sociopath. However, the way that the topic of sociopathy is handled in the episode has drawn strong criticism from some users.

Particular focus has been paid to the fact that scary music is played in the background while the symptoms of sociopathy (an actual personality disorder) are described and the 'horror movie' vibe that permeates the whole video.

Footage of Jake is also intercut with footage of actual serial killers - and although Jake is annoying, he is not a killer (as far as we know?) A lot of commenters have stated that although sociopaths are hard to sympathise with, they are still people and not Hollywood monsters.

Katy Morton has also drawn criticism

Shane consults Katy Morton, a YouTuber and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist about the traits of sociopaths. She used very strong language about sociopaths, which some viewers felt was demonising.

But others felt the episode handled mental health well

Shane pre-empted the backlash with a statement on Twitter

Shane posted a statement on Twitter ahead of the release of part 2, which aimed to make clear that the series is predominantly meant to be entertainment, not factually medical. He also apologises for the way in which he uses the term 'sociopath'.

Shane has directly responded to the complaints

He also promised to amend the editing moving forward

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