Jake Paul Is The Perfect Choice For A Shane Dawson Documentary

12 September 2018, 16:51

MIAMI BEACH, FL - MAY 29: YouTube star Jake Paul is seen at CamCon 2018 on May 29, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)
Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images. Picture: Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

A controversial choice? That's exactly the point

When Shane Dawson revealed that the subject of his new, wildly successful documentary series would be the perennially controversial YouTuber Jake Paul, opinions were sharply divided.

Some welcomed the idea of Shane tackling such a divisive figure, while others criticised Shane for giving Jake Paul more promotion and rejected the notion that the series might act to redeem his murky reputation.

Well folks, I'm here to allay all your fears: Jake Paul is the perfect subject for a Shane documentary.

What are documentaries for?

I believe, and of course you are free to disagree, that the purpose of a documentary is to discover something, to learn something. Every good documentary starts with a question (or questions) and seeks an answer. A bad documentary, by contrast, meanders along without any real sense of purpose.

Shane has done this in his previous instalments. He was trying to find answers: why did TanaCon turn out the way it did? What is really going on in Jeffree Star's mind? And now he's turning his attention to one of the most wild and unpredictable people of our time and asking, quite simply, what's going on with you, Jake Paul? And why are you like this?

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Jake is the perfect fit

Imagine 'The Mind Of Phil Lester' - it would just be five hours of Phil Lester being a kind bloke. And as nice as that would probably be to watch, it would lack the spice, the edge that Shane's documentaries provide.

Jake Paul sets things on fire, Jake Paul gets banned from neighbourhoods, Jake Paul punches other YouTubers in the face in front of a braying crowd. Why does Jake Paul do these things? No matter how much you may like or dislike him, you've got to admit that you're curious to discover more about the man behind the chaos.

We don't yet know what angle Shane will take

If the previous videos in this series are anything to go by, Shane doesn't exactly seek out to destroy people in these documentaries, but he also doesn't give them a free ride either.

Jake Paul may, somehow, manage to redeem himself in the eyes of the wider public - after all, compared to his older brother, he seems like a damn saint - but that will be up to him.

And maybe... it's not really about Jake at all...

Shane has said on Twitter that the new series evolved from being about "a person" (now revealed to be Jake) "and then it became about a lot of people, and now it’s about everyone." This may lead us to believe that this series is ultimately less about Jake and more about the environment that has allowed him to thrive.

For what is Jake Paul, if not a symptom of a very broken society, rather than a cause? Jake Paul didn't invent being a dick, he merely cartwheeled his way into a society that actively rewards people who act like a dick.

All I'm saying is, don't discount Shane just yet, he hasn't let us down so far.