FaZe Banks Has "Strong Opinions" About Shane Dawson's Jake Paul Documentary

26 September 2018, 11:50 | Updated: 26 September 2018, 17:06

Shane Dawson and FaZe Banks
Picture: Shane Dawson / FaZe Banks

By Woodrow Whyte

FaZe is the first person to respond to being featured in Shane Dawson's Jake Paul documentary.

Shane Dawson's 'The Mind Of Jake Paul' documentary series kicked off last night (Sept 26) and, just as he'd promised in the weeks leading up to the documentary, it was clear that many other YouTubers were going to be discussed and feature in the series - especially former members of Team 10.

Team 10 are, of course, the gang of creators who live in Jake Paul's rented mansion and feature in his videos. In the past year, as Shane's first video laid out for viewers, there have been several high profile members who have left the collective like Chance Sutton, Nick Crompton and Jake's former girlfriend Alissa Violet.

Alissa's departure was particularly eventful, as Jake accused her of cheating on him and kicked her out of the house. She later started a relationship with YouTuber FaZe Banks. And that's where it gets hella messy, as Jake then falsely accused FaZe of attacking his assistant in a nightclub. After the threat of legal action from FaZe, Jake later retracted his story and apologised.

In Shane's documentary, we see the whole sorry story play out again and Shane and fellow YouTuber iNabber discuss what would lead Jake to make up the story.

FaZe has now tweeted about the video saying: "Gunna wait until @shanedawson uploads every part to the Jake Paul series before I start watching. I wana watch them all at once and give a fresh, super real response/ reaction. Definitely feel like I’ll have some strong opinions about it."

Alissa Violet is yet to respond to the video.

While FaZe might not be saying much (yet), it is so far the only response from anyone who was discussed between Shane and iNabber in the first video. No members of Team 10 have tweeted about the video either. This could mean they've been told not to discuss the series or they will feature in future episodes. We. Smell. Drama.

Shane has given an update on the second instalment saying it will drop on Thursday and that he intends on spreading the eight videos he has made over two weeks.

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