Shane Dawson Fans Call Out David Dobrik For Revealing THIS About Jeffree Star

7 August 2018, 12:16 | Updated: 3 September 2018, 11:57

David Dobrik asks Jeffreed Star a question that has Shane Dawson's fans upset
David Dobrik asks Jeffreed Star a question that has Shane Dawson's fans upset. Picture: YouTube // David Dobrik

By Josh Lee

Over the past few days we've watched as Shane Dawson explores the surreal and exceptionally expensive life of Jeffree Star. But while we've all been paying attention to Shane's docuseries, another YouTuber has found out the information we really want to know - how much Jeffree earns in a year.

While Shane's focussed on Jeffree's gold-plated spoons and marijuana business, David Dobrik got straight to the point in a vlog of his own, asking Jeffree how much he earns in a year straight up.

So how much does Jeffree Star earn in a year? Well, according to the man himself, it's "around $150 million."

While this nugget of information will be music to any nosy YouTube fan's ears, it appear as though Shane Dawson fans weren't happy with the revelation taking place on David's channel.

"As much as I enjoy David's vlogs, Shane worked so fucking hard on his 5 part series and David literally showed it all in a 10 second clip for clickbait," one disgruntled fan wrote. Another accused David of "stealing" Shane's video idea, saying, "David's really creative and it's annoying to see him essentially steal other people's content."

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Responding to the backlash, David wrote in a pinned comment under his video, "Hey guys I’m not trying to screw with Shane’s video? Are y’all on meth!! Trisha just randomly took us to shoot with Jeffree yesterday so I uploaded it today.. asked him the most basic of questions that I literally ask EVERYBODY that has money and posted today! I’m sorry if you think it’s anything more than that but it’s not :(. Love Shane... definitely wouldn’t do anything to purposely screw with him or his content!! And don’t worry Shane’s videos will be A LOT more informative than this 50 second clip I included of him"