Shane Dawson’s New Jake Paul Documentary Series Has People Furious

12 September 2018, 11:48 | Updated: 12 September 2018, 14:06

Shane Dawson and Jake Paul
Shane Dawson and Jake Paul. Picture: Getty

By Woodrow Whyte

Shane Dawson's decision to feature Jake Paul in his new documentary hasn't gone down well with some.

Last night Shane Dawson announced that Jake Paul will be subject of his next documentary series and his choice has polarised the YouTube community (Sept 11).

Following the blockbuster success of his first two documentary series; the first being the fall out from Tana Mongeau's disastrous alternative to VidCon, TanaCon, and the second being a 5-part epic on the secret life of controversial beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, his third series is one of the most highly anticipated YouTube events of the year.

As you probably know (especially if you've read this site before), Jake Paul, much like his suicide forrest vlogging brother Logan - but to a much lesser extent - is a divisive figure in the YouTube world. After gaining popularity on Vine, Jake was cast in Disney Channel's series, Bizaardvark, and then formed Team 10, a YouTuber collective who filmed pranks in a fancy LA mansion. Then it all went wrong.

Why does everyone hate Jake Paul?

After numerous incidents, like setting furniture on fire in an empty swimming pool, his neighbours threatened him with a law suit and he was dubbed 'the worst neighbour in the world'. He then abruptly left Bizaardvark, although most believe he was fired for his Team 10 antics. Subsequent allegations of bullying, xenophobia and racism started to come to light and numerous YouTubers quit Team 10, all resulting in Jake becoming the (very) popular hate figure that he is today.

The Unstoppable Rise Of Shane Dawson

And that's exactly why he's the perfect person for a Shane Dawson exposé. Who is Jake Paul off camera and is he really as big of an asshole as everyone imagines? But A LOT of people disagree.

There are some who think Shane shouldn't be giving a platform to Jake because of his history.

Then there are those who think Shane is going to let Jake off the hook and paint him in a good light.

Not everyone is against it though. Many people are supporting Shane, even though they aren't fans of Jake.

Ultimately, as long as Shane is fair and balanced about Jake's history, we don't see any problem with making a series on him but what do you think? Should Shane have chosen someone else? Let us know on our Facebook page, or tweet us @wetheunicorns.