Shane Dawson's Jake Paul Documentary Is Here

25 September 2018, 20:01 | Updated: 25 September 2018, 22:30

Shane Dawson and Jake Paul
Picture: Jake Paul instagram / Shane Dawson YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson has FINALLY released the first part of his Jake Paul documentary.

Shane Dawson has finally released the first of his 8-part documentary about Jake Paul, 'The Mind of Jake Paul'.

The documentary was conceptualised in July when someone asked Shane if he would do a video on Jake, and he replied, "I know it’s controversial but i really wanna try more things like this on my channel. I wanna try things I’m genuinely fascinated by and interested in. The ups and downs of Jake Paul’s life and persona is something I would LOVE to see from the inside." Quote-tweeting Shane, Jake responded by saying "Let's do it 🙌".

Jake later Tweeted, "I’d want it to be super REAL & give Shane basically anything he wants. I would want Shane to be BRUTALLY honest.. & I wouldn’t want him to do it either if it were to upset his fan base. But I think it would be very interesting (EVEN for me to see what he has to say)".

Watch the first part of the documentary below:

The latest in the series of Shane Dawson documentaries is the creators most controversial to date. When Jake was announced as the subject of the series, there were mixed feelings, with some people criticising Shane for promoting such a problematic character.

The documentary was edited down from over 100 hours of footage, so we're just wondering what Shane left out. We can't imagine editing this was easy, as the trailer showed Shane saying that he 'can't do this anymore', and that the whole experience was making him crazy.

The full documentary series will feature Keemstar, Logan Paul (on speakerphone at least), Jake Paul's dad (who recently had his nudes leaked), their mother, Ryland Adams, Andrew Siwicki and assorted members of Team 10. It seems that Shane's promise that this series will be more wide-reaching in focus than simply Jake himself was definitely truthful.

What did you think of the documentary? What do you think the next part will focus on? Let us know!