Here Are The Most SAVAGE Reactions To 'The Family Of Jake Paul'

2 October 2018, 16:00

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson. Picture: Shane Dawson YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

People are LOSING IT over last night's episode.

YouTube's most dramatic creator, Shane Dawson, released another episode of YouTube's most dramatic docu-series last night, and the internet is absolutely losing it.

'The Family Of Jake Paul' is the third in the eight-part series and as the title says, it looks into Jake Paul's insane interesting family: his infamous brother, Logan Paul, and his parents who have been relatively quiet until now.

As predicted, people are going WILD for the episode. Tea was spilled, wigs were snatched, and Twitter blew up (although not everyone is happy with the documentary...)

Read the best reactions to 'The Family Of Jake Paul' below.

So that's that. What did you think of last night's episode? Are you loving the drama? Let us know! Watch The Family of Jake Paul below.