Fans are convinced Shane Dawson is going to make a James Charles documentary

15 May 2019, 16:00 | Updated: 15 May 2019, 16:07

Shane and James Charles.
Fans are convinced Shane Dawson is going to make a James Charles documentary. Picture: Instagram:@shanedawson/@jamescharles

By Jazmin Duribe

All the James Charles drama on film? Now this would be juicy AF.

We know that when it comes to YouTube documentaries, no-one does it quite like Shane Dawson. So, what would be wilder than covering the biggest YouTuber scandal of 2019 (so far…).

Shane Dawson tweets support for Tati Westbrook's vitamin brand after James Charles drama

Fans think Shane will create a docs-series based on all the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama after this crazy week. Basically, James and Tati are no longer buddies and he's been getting dragged from all angles.

Tati made a number of allegations against James Charles in an explosive video titled "BYE SISTER". In it, Tati claimed James had "manipulated" straight men's sexuality, made up lies about her and promoted a rival vitamin brand over their friendship.

A load of people have come out of the woodwork and confirmed Tati's claims since then (*cough cough* Sam Cooke the waiter from Seattle) and now James is laying low.

On social media, Shane has been Team Tati and started promoting her brand Halo Beauty – but now people think he's about to turn the tables.

The YouTuber posted a long message on Twitter to lighten the mood. He tweeted: "Feeling sad. Everything feels so dark right now. Even though I believe some people need to be humbled I also could never enjoy watching someone go through something like this.

"Today I wanna focus on good stuff. I feel like I have tea poisoning from seeing all this drama. Send a nice text to a friend today. Give someone a hug/ tweet a link to ur favourite music video. I dunno… something nice. I feel like we all need that now."

Clearly, Shane just wants everyone to calm down with dragging a 19-year-old boy. BUT could it also mean a documentary is on its way?!

What do you think? Do you think the drama has been blown out of proportion?