Shane Dawson just called out the entire YouTube beauty community

29 April 2019, 15:07 | Updated: 29 April 2019, 15:54

Shane Dawson YouTube video.
Shane Dawson just called out the entire YouTube beauty community. Picture: YouTube:shane

By Jazmin Duribe

So, who exactly are the "ruthless" YouTubers he's talking about?

Shane Dawson has annihilated the YouTube beauty community with one single tweet. The conspiracy series creator has been dipping his toe into the mysterious world of beauty YouTubers lately, and clearly he hates it.

Recently, Shane has collaborated with Jeffree Star to create the Shane x Jeffree eyeshadow palette, which is due to drop soon. He's also currently filming the explosive second instalment of his iconic Secret Life of Jeffree Star series, and he is no stranger to a beat face these days either. So when it comes to beauty, he kind of knows.

Well, after it all kicked off between James Charles and his BFF Tati Westbrook over James promoting a rival vitamin brand, Shane came along to spill some tea.

"The more I slide into the beauty community the more I realise why so many of them have no real friends," he tweeted to his 8.17 million Twitter followers.

"Some of these people are RUTHLESS. I'm excited to infiltrate and get u guys that pig tummy tea tho."

One of Shane's fans the asked if he would be giving some of these "ruthless" beauty characters a chance to redeem themselves, just like his pal Jeffree. And Shane replied: "Wipe off everything you know with a Neutrogena wipe and strap your wig on tight."


Of course, Jeffree just could not resist stirring the pot too. He joined in, and tweeted: "The truth always tastes better than a lie."

Whew, we smell a scandal coming...