The internet is freaking out about the moment Shane Dawson met Justin Roberts

12 October 2018, 12:05 | Updated: 16 October 2018, 16:47

Shane Dawson Justin Roberts
Picture: YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson is a huge Justin Roberts fan. Could this mean there's a Justin Roberts documentary in the works?

Who knew YouTube docu-series maker Shane Dawson was a Justin Roberts stan? We didn't. In episode six of his Jake Paul documentary, 'The Secrets of Jake Paul', Shane focused on why the controversial YouTuber is the way he is. He dug deep into the influence of his brother, fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, his father, Greg, and his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, and how they have all affected him. Then, after all the deep emotional conversations, Justin Roberts rocked up to the Team 10 house, and Shane lost his MIND.

If you don't know who Justin is, allow us to hit you with the facts real quick: Justin Roberts is the youngest member of Team 10, aged just 16 years old. He has a song called 'Six Figures', which is really just about how rich he is. His dad Marc Roberts was a sports agent, and now is an author and real estate developer, which is apparently where his wealth comes from. Contrary to what was said in the video, Justin's grandfather is NOT the Pope.

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To give you a little bit of a history into Justin's relationship with Shane, in 'The World of Jake Paul', Shane professed his love for Justin. The right at the end of the episode, Jake called Justin and told him he needed to come to the house, and we had this lovely reaction.

Shane Dawson
Picture: YouTube

Then when Justin actually appeared, Shane was shook.

Shane Dawson
Picture: YouTube

He kissed Justin's hand and said he wasn't worthy, and then asked him how he's so rich, to which Justin replied 'money does grow on trees, and I was planted on one of those trees'. Justin also said his grandpa is the pope? Whether it's true or not, Shane was loving it, and fans were loving their unlikely friendship.

Some fans are even asking for a Justin Roberts documentary.


I for one really hope this happens. Watch the documentary below.