Shane Dawson reunited with Kati Morton to discuss his "horror movie" Jake Paul documentary

30 October 2018, 12:09

shane dawson kati morton documentary
Picture: Kati Morton
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Inside the mind of Shane himself

Shane Dawson has sat down with therapist Kati Morton to analyse how his Jake Paul documentary went down.

In the 21 minute video, Shane and Kati get deep about what he was trying to achieve with his wildly popular (and hugely groundbreaking) series and discuss the kind of response it received.

Some of the most interesting moments include Shane wishing he had made it "less sensationalised" but saying that it has "helped" him. He says "I'm happy that it is opening up a conversation" but tempers it but saying "I am sorry that I made a horror movie".

The series gained massive views but also generated controversy for a number of reasons, including it's approach to sociopathy and also what many perceived as gentle and overly forgiving treatment of Jake Paul.

In this new video Kati and Shane discuss how Shane has a tendency to want to help people, even at his own personal cost - and how that may have impacted the way he approached Jake.

Regardless, both Kati and Shane say they are "proud" of the series and the conversations it started.

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