Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz reveal the reason behind their “awful” break-up

28 August 2019, 15:57

Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz dated between 2011 and 2014.
Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz dated between 2011 and 2014. Picture: Michael Buckner/SAs 2013/Getty Images // Twitter: @shanedawson

By Staff

Shane and Lisa share remember their break-up and the "dark" times in their relationship in a new video.

Ah, the early 2010s. It a simpler time. And if you can’t quite remember what YouTube looked like back then, you should probably be reminded that Shane Dawson and Lisa Swartz were once a couple for several years, before they parted ways in 2014.

The pair have remained good friends and have now made a new YouTube video where they reminisce about their relationship, remembering their good times… as well as their not so good times.

Answering fan questions about their relationship, they spoke about how they were planning to get married, but hadn’t considered whether they wanted kids or not, and that their relationship had plenty of “dark” moments”.

“I don’t think we got that far,” Lisa explained, of whether they'd spoken about kids or not.

Shane said: “That period of time was quite dark because I think we needed each other because we were both lost in so many different ways, career and so many different things, and it was very much a family bond and trauma bonding almost… We talked about getting married. But I think we both just wanted to figure out why we were so fucked up so it was nice to have someone who know what it felt like to have problems.”

The ex-couple, who dated between 2011-2014 and used to live together, also shared how their break-up happened over a long time and that they didn’t split because Shane wanted to come out as bisexual.

“It was like a long break up. We were so comfortable, we were literally each other’s family. I think we were both like, well, what would do without each other? There were so many levels to it. I think a lot of people were like ‘oh, Shane wanted to come out’, like, that was a long time before that,” Shane said.

“Breakups are awful and the one with you was so painful. But then at the same time I was so proud because once we got past that stuff, then I was proud for you,” Lisa added.

Shane is now engaged to Ryland Adams, after he proposed on their third anniversary earlier this year.