Who Will Shane Dawson Collab With Next?

31 August 2018, 09:30

shane dawson next collab documentary
Picture: Instagram: Shane Dawson

By Mia Collins

We look at the likely candidates

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Shane Dawson has been KILLING the YouTube game recently.

In fact, he hasn’t dipped below 10 million views per video in 3 months(!!!)

His most recent series ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star’ was released in 5 parts, and it’s garnered a total of over 81 MILLION VIEWS. Insane!

It looks like the internet’s favourite conspiracy theorist is constantly on the rise, so where is he headed next? Well, it looks like we might not have to wait much longer to find out, as Shane just posted a mysterious tweet regarding his latest series idea: “Working on a series that has been one of the most challenging ones yet. Still shooting more of it this week. Wish us luck!"

Suffice it to say, everybody is suitably hyped

So, we have half of the series’ working title: ‘The Mind Of…’

But the mind of who, exactly?

Time to put on our detective caps, because we are here to discuss who could possibly be the subject of Shane’s upcoming videos.

Suspect Number 1: Jake Paul

Shane has spoken before about wanting to collab with 1/2 of the controversial Paul Brothers, and Jake actually seemed up for it

This online discussion took place over a month ago, which has given them plenty of time to co-ordinate dates for filming a series.

Having said that, Jake Paul was in the UK last week to participate in boxing match (this guy is pretty wild, in case you didn’t know). Considering that Shane says he’s “still shooting” the series - implying that he’s already shot some of the footage this week, while Jake was in another country - it’s not looking too likely.

Still, it’s a possibility, and ‘The Mind Of Jake Paul’ could be a fascinating series to watch. Seriously, I’d like to know what goes through his head sometimes.

Suspect Number 2: Jojo Siwa

Perhaps one of the less likely suggestions, Jojo Siwa could very well star in the series.

Shane has openly expressed his enthusiasm towards the Dance Mom’s star, and she even featured at the end of one of his more recent videos.

And, okay, maybe I’m reading into this too much, but Jojo did say “Can’t wait to see you soon,” in the video… She knew she’d see him soon becAUSE THEY’RE COLLABING?!

Probably not, but hey.

Suspect Number 3: Jaclyn Glenn

Jaclyn Glenn is a YouTuber who’s been around since 2011. She has a solid subscriber count of over 700,000, and she is known for discussing serious topics on her channel, such as religion and her atheism.

She and Shane are following each other on Twitter, and she replied to Shane’s tweet about the series saying: “The mind of... an atheist :)”

Was this just Jaclyn making a joke? Or was she revealing the name of the series?? WHEN WILL WE KNOW?

Suspect Number 4: Tana Mongeau

Yeah, yeah, I know he literally just did a series with Tana, but it would be really interesting to see her without all the Tanacon drama taking place in the background.

Shane and Tana are good friends, with Shane going to far as to say he feels protective over her, like a daughter.

It would make sense for Shane to want to help Tana out - she didn’t come out in the best possible light in his last series, and her crazy lifestyle would make for a pretty good video.

Plus, with her new single ‘F**k Up’ coming out in less than three days, we can probably expect an album to follow fairly soon. What better way to build hype for her music than to film a series about her life with the king of YouTube?

And of course, the smoking gun to this theory is that Shane has been hanging around Las Vegas recently… Tana’s very place of residency. Coincidence? I think not.

Right before we lost everything.

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Suspect Number 5: A Serial Killer

That’s right, I saved the best (and most outlandish) theory for last: a full blown serial killer.

Some of Shane’s most popular videos focus on dark topics like murder or conspiracy theories, so is it really that crazy to think he’d want to do a series on the matter?

One fan even went as far as to suggest he might be investigating the gunman responsible for the tragic Las Vegas shooting in 2017. No motive was found for the perpetrator of the attack, and since Shane is in Las Vegas, it’s not totally out of the question.

There are also a few prisons scattered around Las Vegas, and if any YouTuber will be able to get themselves in contact with an inmate, it’s probably Shane.

Shane has not announced an official release date for the series yet, but since he’s still in the filming stage of production, we’ve probably got a couple weeks wait at least.

In the meantime, who do you think Shane’s series is about? Who do you think he should investigate next?

We cannot wait for the series to come out. Shane, you’re an investigative queen!