8 people who Shane Dawson should profile for his next documentary

23 October 2018, 14:11

James Charles Marina Joyce
James Charles Marina Joyce. Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, Jake Paul, we need someone else to join the list!

Documentary legend, Shane Dawson, has just wrapped up his documentary about the incredibly controversial Jake Paul. It was drama from start to finish. A lot happened. We can't wait for the next one, and in case Shane is stuck for ideas and happens to read this (hi Shane) we have compiled a list of people we think would make perfect subjects for the next documentary. You know, for when he's back after his break.

Just getting this out the way, none of our suggestions are this girl.

Logan Paul

This is probably the most obvious suggestion. We NEED Shane to interrogate Logan about the whole Jalissa beef, and his insanely inappropriate Japan vlog. What was his break up with Chloe Bennet like? What's his relationship with his family like? Is he a sociopath? We have so many questions and no answers! There is so much controversy surrounding Logan, and we need to know more.

Lil' Tay

After news surfaced that Lil' Tay has been abused by her parents, we think she would make a really interesting documentary subject. No one really knows what her home life is like, or what goes on behind closed doors.

Marina Joyce

We still have no 100% certain answer about what happened to Marina over Summer 2016. Shane Dawson could get his Sherlock shoes on and find out for real what actually happened. If she was in any real danger, or if she was lying. If she was lying, why did she lie? Why did she not clear up what happened as soon as people were worrying? Why did she like Tweets about her being in danger? EXPLAIN PLS.

Eugenia Cooney

Eugenia has been criticised for portraying an unhealthy body type, and there have even been petitions to remove her channel from YouTube. The documentary could look at her struggles with anorexia, and what she thinks of girls trying to be like her. Shane said he was trying to help Jake in his documentary, so maybe he could help Eugenia get her health back on track.


PewDiePie is as controversial as they come. He has said some questionable things in the past, and even now he always seems to be in the spotlight for ~some reason. It would be interesting to see why he seems to attract so much hate, and what he really thinks about it all.

James Charles

Another controversial YouTuber? YES. You know this would be iconic. James has had some things in the last few years that really aren't cool. Like fellow YouTube MUA Jeffree Star, he also seems to have beef with so many people. Also - cameos from the Sister Squad? Yes please! This documentary would be tea-spilling heaven, and if Shane doesn't make it, I might.


We have not seen this man in so long. Shane needs to find out where he went, what he's been doing, and if he is ever coming back. It would also be nice to know why he made so many controversial videos in the first place and started arguments with pretty much every YouTuber ever. This is the detective documentary series we have all been hoping for. There are too many unanswered questions.

Brother Nature

Brother Nature has had racist tweets come out, and so has everyone else Shane has made a documentary about. Maybe Shane can chat to him about why he tweeted what he did when he was 12. But also, a brother nature documentary may also mean cute af animals in the documentary too, which I for one am here for.


... AND THE FOURTH WALL BREAKS! Seriously, a documentary on why certain YouTubers have been demonetised, why the algorithm is the way it is, and why the site can be so damn buggy sometimes.

Who would you like to see the next documentary focus on? Let us know!