The Reddit Video Of Shane Dawson "Justifying Pedophilia" DOES Miss Important Context

10 January 2018, 21:03 | Updated: 10 January 2018, 21:34

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson. Picture: Other

By Team Unicorns

Shane Dawson has been forced to deny accusations of pedophilia after a montage of old audio clips from his "Shane And Friends" podcast appeared to show him calling a minor "sexy" and offering a "justification for pedophilia." But while accusations of crass and totally inappropriate humour are fair, the full, complete audio offers no real evidence to support claims of pedophilia.

"Here's my thing," Shane is heard saying in the video that appeared on Reddit this morning. "People have foot fetishes, people have fetishes about... everything." He continues, "Fine, everybody do your thing."

He goes on to say, "So why is it when somebody looks at naked babies on Google and jerks off to it they can get arrested?"

Here's the edited compilation of audio clips:

As the video began to circulate on Twitter, Shane denied allegation of pedophilia, saying, "that video is all jokes taken out of context and has all the punchlines removed." He added, "It also is illegal to claim someone is a pedofile [sic] and use 6 year old jokes as "proof.""

An important piece of context was, in fact, not included in the reddit video.

Shane's alleged "justification for pedophilia" was, in fact, prefaced with a disclaimer. In Episode 3 of Shane And Friends, where the clips in the video are taken from, he begins by saying:

"First of all let me just say having sex with children or touching children or anything of that nature is terrible and you should not do it," before launching into aforementioned "justification."

He does admit that he Googled the words "naked baby," but adds, "first of all, I don't understand why anyone would be turned on by that."

"I didn't want to see child porn," he also says.

Listen to the full clip below (from 6:30 onwards):

Listening to the full audio, it's clear that Shane isn't making these comments seriously.

Whether or not his jokes are acceptable is another conversation. But as far as accusations of pedophilia go, the audio montage video that appeared on Reddit appears to be little more than a conspiracy theory.

We The Unicorns does not condone Shane's comments, regardless of humorous intent.