Shane Dawson's reaction to hitting 20 million subscribers was so adorable

28 January 2019, 17:16

shane dawson 20 million subscribers
Picture: Instagram: Shane Dawson
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Congrats, Shane!

Shane Dawson has hit a staggering 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

Shane, who captured the world's attention in 2018 with his endlessly captivating documentary series, hit the incredible milestone this past weekend (27 Jan).

For context, 20 million means that Shane has more people subscribed to him than the population of over 173 countries. Take THAT, Portugal!

Shane posted a video to Instagram of the magic moment that the ticker moved over from 19,999,999 to 20,000,000

"I didn’t know the sound was recording but i’m so glad it was. Thank you guys for supporting me for so many years and for giving so much of your time to watch my videos. my heart is gonna explode. I’m so grateful. :,) ❤️ thank you @andrewsiwicki for being my partner in tea and thank you @rylandadams for being my partner in life. ❤️"

He also posted a photo set which showed him posing with some "20 M" balloons and the simple caption:

"having trouble processing all this love :,) ❤️"

Fans and fellow creators were quick to congratulate Shane on the incredible milestone

Shane now (at the time of writing) outranks other powerhouse YouTubers like James Charles (13 mill), KSI (6 mill) and even Logan Paul (18 mill).

Congrats, Shane! Here's to the next 20 million.