Ryland Adams just called out his former management company and it sounds awful

12 November 2018, 11:28 | Updated: 14 November 2018, 12:09

Ryland Adams defy media clevver
Picture: Instagram: Ryland Adams
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Ryland is not happy with Defy

Ryland Adams and his boyfriend, fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson (maybe you've heard of him) have taken to Twitter to share how they feel Ryland has been mistreated by Defy Media, the media company that announced it was closing earlier this month.

Defy was the parent company of various prominent online brands like Smosh and Clevver but recently revealed that it is closing entirely and all its staff are being let go. Smosh's Ian Hecox tweeted a statement about the news after it was revealed, reassuring fans that this closure would not mean the end of Smosh.

Now, to add to the drama around the company closing down, Ryland is claiming he was exploited by Defy when he was part of their MCN.

An MCN is a 'Muli-Channel Network' and is a controversial business model where YouTubers are asked to join a 'network' with other YouTubers on the promise that it will help their channel. We have long argued on this site that it's best not to join a MCN if you can help it.

Ryland says he was "forced" to join because he had problems with his former employer Clevver.

Ryland tweeted:

"I never made a "Why I Left Clevver" video because I was being threatened by Defy's lawyers on a daily basis. Instead of taking them to court and being stuck in limbo for what could have been years I accepted to join their MCN which is why they were in a position to get a %"

He elaborated that:

"I was forced to become a part of @defymedia’s MCN, meaning the Youtube money I work hard for filters through them. After they take a % of MY ads I then get paid MY money. This month I was NEVER paid. A bank took Defy’s money which so happens to be mine that I may never see again".

Shane also got involved

Shane initially posted some tweets supporting Ryland, but took them down because he didn't want to complicate the problem.

He tweeted:

"deleted my tweet because i don’t trust any of those people and i don’t know what they are capable of. but don’t worry, i’m gonna fight for my friends and boyfriend who we’re screwed over last week with all my heart. 👊🏻❤️"

It seems like the drama has only just begun. We'll update you as soon as there are more developments.