Shane Dawson Just Called Out Jake Paul For Stealing His Video Concept

25 October 2017, 10:03 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 14:49

Shane Dawson Jake Paul

By Josh Lee

What do you think?

Shane Dawson called Jake Paul out yesterday for apparently ripping off a video format that he had originally developed without giving any credit.

Speaking on a video uploaded by YouTuber Blair Fowler, Shane explains how Jake's "A Conversation With My Ex Girlfriend" video is almost identical to his "Confronting My First Love".

Explaining how he believes Jake Paul stole the idea, Shane says, "I think Jake Paul doesn't know who I am. I think he saw us on the trending page [at] number 1."

Blair - who is the first love that Shane confronted during the video in question - points out that Jake even stutters in the same way as Shane at points in the video.

While Shane says he accepts that people will use each other's ideas on YouTube, he believes Jake should have been upfront about where he got his inspiration from.

Take a look at the two videos below and see what you think!

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