Shane Dawson Apologises For "Sociopath" Comment In Part 2 Of His Documentary

27 September 2018, 11:30 | Updated: 28 September 2018, 11:44

shane dawson laura lee sociopath
Shane Dawson and Laura Lee. Picture: YouTube: Shane Dawson
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

This is only making us more excited for part 2

UPDATE: Shane has responded to accusations that Part 2 handles mental health in an insensitive way

Ahead of part two of his documentary series 'The Mind Of Jake Paul', Shane Dawson has posted a message on Twitter addressing some of the themes of part one.

Part one of the series focused quite heavily on whether Jake Paul is a sociopath, a psychological term which describes a person who displays a series of behaviours including, but not limited to: an inability to care about others, recklessness, manipulative behaviour, an inability to feel guilt and little or no concern for the safety of themselves and others.

Now, ahead of the release of part two on the 27th, Shane has discussed whether he feels he should be calling YouTubers 'sociopaths', saying "I'm 100% not insinuating that anyone I show are sociopaths".

It seems that in part 2 he focuses on one YouTuber in particular.

He says: "the main example is when I talk about sociopaths fake crying and getting caught and I show a clip of a YouTuber apology video that didn't go over well. I do not think that person is a sociopath but I just thought it was a good example of fake crying so I used a moment of it as an example."

Who could this YouTuber be? Well it seems very, very likely that it's Laura Lee, a creator who famously had a much-derided 'apology' video in which she tried, and failed, to squeeze out some tears (this then lead to her having to do an apology video for that apology video).

Is Laura the person in question? What do you think? Either way, we'll find out in Part 2.