'The World of Jake Paul': What Was The Song At The End?

9 October 2018, 11:32

Shane Dawson
Picture: Instagram / Twitter

By Chandni Sembhi

If you were wondering what song Shane Dawson keeps using in his Jake Paul docu-series, we have you covered!

Our fave YouTuber-turned-documentary maker Shane Dawson's latest docu-series, focusing on YouTuber Jake Paul and his insane life, has gone viral for a number of reasons. People are actually feeling sorry for Jake Paul even though he has a questionable past, the way Shane handles mental health as been criticised, and people generally have had interesting reactions. Last night's episode was especially wild... A man put a mouse trap on his penis, Jake took Shane on a super fast off road drive, and we found out Jake's dad lives in a school bus. Yeah, you read that last bit right. He lives in a school bus. It's a lot. But despite all this, what people really want to know is: 'What was that song that Shane used at the end of last night's episode?'

Honestly, people were going mad searching for this song. Shazam was no help. People were Googling the lyrics 'look at me just one more time tell me that you don't regret it'. This was also no help.

Well, ladies and gents, if you are one of those people who have been searching frantically for the song, you are in luck! Shane Dawson has HEARD YOUR PRAYERS and answered!


The song in question is: 'Bitter Heart' by Myra Granberg.

There you have it, now you can listen to this beautiful song as much as you like. For your convenience, we have put the song just below so you have have your own little listening party.