A complete summary of everything we learned in Shane Dawson's Jake Paul series

19 October 2018, 15:49

Jake Paul, Shane Dawson, Erika Costell
Jake Paul, Shane Dawson, Erika Costell in Shane's 'Mind of Jake Paul' documentary. Picture: YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson's 'The Mind of Jake Paul' series has been a lot, so we've summed up all the bits (and tea) you need to know.

YouTuber Shane Dawson's latest docu-series that focused on fellow YouTuber Jake Paul has been gripping from start to finish. We've had tears, laughter, drama, and whole cups of TEA. If you want to know what's happened in the series but don't have hours to spare, you're in the right place. Here's a list of everything that happened in the documentary.

The Mind of Jake Paul

The first episode was by far the least dramatic. It's just an introduction. Jake says he wants to be honest, Shane goes into his theories of Jake being a sociopath and Team 10/Jake controversies. YouTubers had a lot of thoughts about the documentary, mainly positive. Jake Paul insisted he isn't a sociopath following the episode's release. Done. Next one.

The Dark Side of Jake Paul

This is where the controversy started with the documentary. Shane Dawson invited YouTube therapist Kati Morton onto the series to analyse Jake Paul, and define what a sociopath is. The problem is, this part appeared to demonised personality disorders, and really blurred the line between sociopath and psychopath. People didn't enjoy it, and some YouTubers made response videos about why this was wrong. Shane then re-shot parts of the series. There were also a TON of memes about Shane being shook for absolutely no reason.

The Family of Jake Paul

This video started with maybe the first ever genuine YouTube apology that wasn't trying to shift the blame. Iconic. Jake's even more controversial brother, Logan Paul, also admitted to having sociopathic tendencies, but said neither him nor Jake were sociopaths. We were also introduced to Jake's dad Greg (Vlogdad) and his mum Pamela (Vlogmom). Shane seemed to pinpoint Jake and Logan's problems to their dad. This was the turning point of the series where people really started to feel sorry for Jake at this point.

The Enemies of Jake Paul

This episode told the other side of the story. Shane chatted to ex-Team 10 member, Nick Crompton. Aside from freaking out about his house, Shane asked Nick for his side of the story. They chatted about why the other Team 10 members probably left, and we got the huge revelation that the Team 10 pranks were all fake. This implied that the Martinez Twins weren't telling the whole truth about why they left Team 10. There was also talk about Erika Costell, and how she's probably good for Jake because she calls him out. It was at this point that people started to feel sorry for Jake. A true a bombshell of an episode.

The World of Jake Paul

This part was the FIRST TIME Jake and Shane were actually filming together. We found out that Jake's dad lives in a school bus sometimes. We witnessed what life is really like in the Team 10 house. Kati Morton was called out for trying to paint Jake as a sociopath when he seemed pretty normal. We saw some of the INSANE challenges the team does, got a tour of their huge house, and Shane realised him and Jake were more alike than they thought.

The Secrets of Jake Paul

A lot of this episode was a trip to Walmart, but Shane also did some investigating into the scandal about FaZe Banks allegedly assaulting a Team 10 member, and how it turned out to be fake. Jake said sometimes he gets snubbed at events by people he doesn't even know because the YouTube community is so clique-y. Shane chatted to Erika about Jake and how problematic his family are for him, and that a big issue is that Jake isn't living a normal life. It was confirmed that Erika is good for Jake, and that they're an adorable couple - we became Jerika stans. The end of the episode was beautiful - Shane got to meet the infamous Justin Roberts and he freaked out while Justin said a lot of weird things.

The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul

This episode was highly anticipated. We were finally getting some information on the Jalissa beef! Before that though, we need to talk about the Clout House - and the fact that Kyle Massey from Cory In The House lives there??? Alissa admitted both of them made mistakes, she explained what went down with Logan, and we learnt that Greg Paul once slut-shamed Alissa. She explained the whole situation with their relationship, and said they weren't actually dating. Alissa said she felt like a pawn in a battle between the brothers, and that she was mentally and emotionally abused by Jake.

Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

The finale!!!!! This episode is where most of the tea-spillage occurred. Jake spilled on his relationship with his dad, revealing that he's asked him to move back to Ohio so they can have a more normal father-son relationship without him being involved in the businesses of Team 10. He explained his side of the Martinez Twins controversy and said they were exaggerating their experiences. He admitted to doing dumb stuff when they were in the first Team 10 house, and said he's made mistakes with his content. Jake finally spoke about the Alissa/Logan situation and said how much it hurt him, but admitted he was also at fault. He mentioned Logan's suicide forest video and the impact it had on him (losing brand deals), but also that it brought their family closer together.

This episode also received a lot of backlash. #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty was trending, because people thought Shane wasn't critical enough of Jake's actions and how he excused a lot of Jake's problematic behaviour. He also told a fan who called him out to fuck off, which didn't help his case. Shane is now taking a break from YouTube so who really knows when we'll next see him.

So that's everything! What did you think of the series? Let us know!