Shane Dawson reveals he was threatened over his Jake Paul documentary

26 October 2018, 12:36

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson. Picture: YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson said he had people threaten him over what he was sharing in his latest docu-series.

YouTuber/ documentary creator Shane Dawson has revealed in a video with The Hollywood Fix that he was blackmailed and threatened by people over his documentary focusing on YouTube's resident bad-boy, Jake Paul.

Shane said that when he was making the documentary, he was contacted by various people wanting to share their sides of their relationships and interactions with Jake, and obviously he couldn't talk to everyone. That would make the 8-part series EVEN longer. People were also saying to not make Jake look bad; but had others saying don't make him look too good.

This all eventually reached a point where people decided blackmail was the only way to ensure their involvement with Jake was shown how they wanted. Shane revealed that as he was filming and editing the documentary, he had people threaten him. He said he had messages like 'if you reveal this about Jake, I'm gonna expose this', or 'I'll reveal this and ruin your series'. He said he didn't include any of this in the documentary because luckily, things ended up going okay in the end.

In this 'tell-all' interview, Shane shed some light on what he actually thinks about all the drama. He had some thoughts on the FaZe Banks assaulting Jake Paul's assistant situation. Shane heard voice memos from Jake's assistant, Meg, about the event, but he thinks Meg was drunk, someone collided with her neck, then she saw FaZe and put two-and-two together and decided he must have assaulted her.

Shane also said Team 10 is probably only together still because of investors, and that he has contracts he needs to fulfil before Team 10 officially disbands - although by the looks of their social media pages, they may have already split.

If you're wondering what Shane's up to next, he's currently taking a break from YouTube, but in the interview he did provide a little insight into who he'd like to work with next. He mentioned Bhad Bhabie, Liza Koshy, and Logan Paul - although he did say he was scared of Logan...