Shane Dawson drags fan on Twitter for calling him out

19 October 2018, 13:22

Shane Dawson F Off
Shane Dawson F Off. Picture: Twitter

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson has clapped back at a fan on Twitter over his Jake Paul documentary.

YouTuber Shane Daswon has clapped back at a fan on Twitter who called him out over his documentary about fellow YouTuber and Team 10 leader, Jake Paul.

The final episode of the series 'Inside The Mind of Jake Paul' aired last night, and people have some mixed feelings about it. Although the documentary has been mostly praised, some people aren't too happy that Shane has given a platform to Jake Paul and that he failed to take him to task over the racist comments in the past.

The Twitter user 'meanspice' tweeting Shane saying, "STOP GIVING RACISTS A PLATFORM" to which Shane responded, "i just posted hours and hours and hours and hours of content this month FOR FREE literally FUCK OFF."

Shane Dawson clapped back at a fan who criticised his decision to give the controversial Jake Paul a platform
Shane Dawson clapped back at a fan who criticised his decision to give the controversial Jake Paul a platform. Picture: Twitter

The conversation went on but Shane has now deleted his tweets. You can read Shane's now-deleted conversation below.

After Shane told the fan to fuck off, the fan replied saying that they'd supported Shane since 2007, but he needs to stop making people sympathise with a racist. Shane then responded saying that he was trying to help people grow and change like he wishes someone did for him when he was problematic. The fan understood the good intentions, but that Jake is still problematic, and Shane is immature for telling her to fuck off. Shane then said he's heated because he's lost sleep editing this documentary.

Shane defending his documentary
Shane defending his documentary. Picture: Twitter
Shane losing sleep over the documentary
Shane losing sleep over the documentary. Picture: Twitter

Other fans didn't appreciate his behaviour, which has prompted #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty, which started trending on Twitter following the beef. Shane also appear to 'like' tweets saying the fan deserved all the hate she was getting following their spat.

To be fair to Shane, he had spent weeks making this documentary, and uploaded it for us all to watch for free - but he did also seem to excuse Jake's racist comments and controversial behaviours in last night's episode. When Shane asked Jake about his past comments, people have said he glossed over it, and excused the behaviour more than he criticised it.

The beef also highlighted the very valid point that if Shane is going to be making documentaries about people who have said racially insensitive things, he shouldn't be excusing their behaviour.

But, some people have come to Shane's defence, saying that there's no way to please everyone.

Shane is now taking some time away from YouTube for a while, so maybe he can use that time to chill out and learn from what worked and didn't work when it comes to approaching his future documentaries.

What did you think of the finale of the Jake Paul series? If you haven't seen it yet, watch below.