This Shane Dawson Fan Says She Was Fired For Appearing In His Vlog

22 May 2018, 16:59 | Updated: 22 May 2018, 17:32

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson. Picture: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer

By Josh Lee

Shane to the rescue!

Shane Dawson has reached out to a makeup company after they allegedly fired a staff member for appearing in his vlog.

Earlier this month, Shane treated his sister to a $10,000 makeover, and vlogged the experience for his YouTube channel. As part of the makeover, Shane's sister visted cosmetics brand Ulta, and was given a free makeover by a staff member named Carol - who also happened to be a huge Shane Dawson fan.

But according to Carol, Ulta fired her after the video appeared online.

"Meeting you was a once in a lifetime opportunity," Carol wrote on her Instagram page. "Who would have know [sic] that I would have lost my job because of it."

But Shane isn't taking her dismissal lying down.

Tweeting directly at Ulta, Shane wrote, "one of your incredible employees Carol gave my sister a makeover at your store for a series I posted on youtube. it was free promo for your company and the reception was great. Please don’t be a company that fires employees because of youtube. please reconsider."

Shortly after, more YouTubers came to Carol's support.

And it appears to have worked! Today, Ulta assured followers that Carol still has her job, if she wants it.

Shane to the rescue!