This Is When We'll See Jake Paul In Shane Dawson's Documentary

1 October 2018, 15:12

Shane and Jake
Picture: Shane Dawson and Jake Paul Instagrams

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson has said that we won't see Jake Paul until episode 5 of his documentary series.

Everyone's favourite documentary maker Shane Dawson has revealed on Twitter that we won't actually be seeing Jake Paul in his latest documentary (which is supposed to be about Jake) until over half way through the series.

The first part of Shane's new docu-series dropped on last Tuesday (September 25) and already has an insane 16.5m views, with the second part at 15m views. Not too shabby, huh?

Despite the high viewing figures and general praise from fans, the series has also copped quite a lot of backlash. Many have called Shane out for his "damaging" depiction of mental health and over-dramatic 'sociopath' narrative (including Jake's brother Logan Paul, who labelled the documentary as 'extremely misleading'.)

And now it turns out that we won't actually be seeing Jake in the doc until the 5th part of the 8 part documentary... and fans aren't here for it.

People are understandably confused, as it seems like Jake is only appearing in the second half of a documentary series that is supposed to be all about him. The episode featuring Jake will air on Friday October 5th.

This raises the question of what the hell the next two episodes are going to be about. Some fans have theorised that Shane is going to spend parts 3 and 4 of the series building up even more intrigue around Jake's online persona. We know Shane is going to be chatting to Jake's friends, family, and 'enemies' in the series, so there's a strong possibility that he could just be delving further into his controversial investigation on Jake by talking to others, rather than to Jake himself.

Some fans are understandably upset by this...

There is also speculation that the next two parts will focus on wider issues within the YouTube community, like the point Shane made in the first part about how YouTubers in general can be narcissistic. (Or as he said, have some sort of personality disorder that makes them want to film themselves all the time.)

Some fans are down with this possible angle which might provide more insight into why Jake behaves the way he does online.

Whatever happens, we can probably still expect some MAJOR TEA in tonight's and Wednesday's episodes - the 3rd and 4th parts.

What do you think of Shane's decision to only show Jake from episode 5 onwards? Are you excited for Friday's episode? Are you still going to watch tonight and Wednesday's episodes? Let us know!