Shane Dawson Reveals He's Taking A Long Break After Jake Paul Documentary

11 October 2018, 12:47 | Updated: 11 October 2018, 13:24

Shane Dawson Jake Paul
Shane Dawson Jake Paul. Picture: YouTube / Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

After his docu-series with Jake Paul, Shane wants to take a break from making videos.

YouTuber/ documentary maker/ director/ musician Shane Dawson has announced he will be taking a break from YouTube once his Jake Paul documentary series.

While the videos have been wildly successful, it's been fraught with difficulties. He received backlash for announcing he was going to make a documentary about Team 10 member Jake Paul. People weren't ready to feel sorry for such a controversial guy. (This all changed last week anyway). He was also criticised for the way he handled mental health, and his treatment of sociopaths.

This week, Shane got a lot of stick from people on Twitter after he said he was delaying episode 6 of the documentary by one day due to a bladder infection.

What a monster!

Twitter was not happy, but then Shane revealed the true extent of discomfort he is in.

Turns out, the reason he is delaying posting the video because his bladder infection is worse than most people presumed. His is literally peeing blood. I bet you all feel bad for complaining now!!!! Well, strap in, because you'll feel worse when you read this next bit:

Yes. You read that correctly. Shane is taking a break from YouTube for a few months after his Jake Paul series is done.

After all the backlash and drama that's surrounded this documentary, can you really blame him? People then decided to send Shane well wishes, probably hoping to undo the damage they just did.

Whatever Shane decides to do, we support him 100% and hope his health improves.